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Granville Island Market · Ham and Cheese · Since 1956

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Vancouver Charcuterie Specialist


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Let us Help Build Your Menu.

With so many choices and such a wide range of flavour profiles, ham and cheese has lots to offer both picky and adventurous foodies.


Visit us on Granville Island, inside the market! We'd love to show you what we have to offer and help you put together the ultimate cheese and cured meat plate for family and friends!


Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are eager to share their passion for food, with pairing ideas, beverage recommendations and suggested accoutrements.


Specializing in Artisan Cheese Boards and Charcuterie.

Nothing brings comfort home, ties family and friends together, like a shared meal.


Whether its a traditional home cooked recipy, served at the table for all to dig into, or a simple plate of cured meat, artisan cheese, fruit, and a fresh loaf from the bakery.


Our seasoned customers know us well for arranging the best combinations of flavors from around the world, that the whole family will enjoy.


Please visit us on Granville Island, in the market, to see our selection of fine ham and cheese.

Cheese Lovers Paradise


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