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About Dussa's in Vancouver

Dussa's Ham and Cheese is a classic West Coast Canadian story.


Bringing flavor and comfort from the home country, Artur and Erika Dussa immigrated to Vancouver from Germany in the 1950s, and started selling Ham and Cheese at their first store, near Main and 25th in Vancouver's Little Mountain neighborhood.


Vancouver was full of young European immigrants at the time, looking for adventure in the West, but longing for the comfort of the cheeses and meats they were used to eating back home.


Dussa's Ham and Cheese quickly became known as the place to go in Vancouver, for hard to find cheeses and cured meats from deep in the countrysides of Germany, France and Italy.   

From Main Street, To the Market, To your Table

When Granville Island Market opened in the 1970s, Dussa's was one of the first entrepreneurs to join this new Vancouver venture.


Built on the pilings of Vancouver's industrial past, Granville Island Public Market is a favorite for tourists and locals alike.


Granville Island Market Provides fresh fruit, vegetables, Italian home cooking, culinary imports, fresh bread, seafood, poultry, beef and much more!


Dussa's feels right at home on the Island, sharing our pairing knowledge and taste sensations with all that visit! All these years later, and we still do what we love, and love what we do best - ham and cheese!

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